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Using linked data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Wales

This workshop hasĀ been recorded.

The COVID19 pandemic is a major public health emergency. Understanding this new virus, its transmission and impact of sections of the population has been a priority. Linking data from many sources has been essential to understanding the spread of the infection in the community and informing counter measures.

Health Data Research UK provides the Scientific Advisory Group on Epidemics (SAGE) weekly updates on COVID19 related data access across the UK. The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) system leads the UK with more active projects than elsewhere (66/131).

Responding to the COVID19 crisis the HDRUK Wales team at Swansea University was seconded to work to CMO Wales on using data linkage to understand the development of the pandemic, advise on policy developments and evaluate interventions. A One Wales group was established with input from Welsh Government, NHS Wales and academics across Welsh universities. Two subsequent application to the MRC were funded: Controlling COVID19 through enhanced population surveillance and intervention (Con-COV): a platform approach, and What TRIage model is safest and most effective for the Management of 999 callers with suspected COVID19? A linked outcome study (TRIM).

Public Health Wales NHS Trust are involved in Con-COV and also link many different datasets as part of their response.

The workshop will detail the datasets and methodological approaches being used in these studies and the potential for further research.