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The future direction of health services research in Wales. How can we best make a difference to health and social care?

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Health Services Research (HSR) is critical to the delivery of health and social care services that are efficient, effective and centred on service users’ needs. However, delivering impactful and innovative HSR is a complex task, reliant upon timely collaboration between health and social care practitioners, academics, policy makers and service users.

The aim of this workshop is to explore the need for, and feasibility of, creating a HSR network in Wales which addresses the shared and diverse requirements of health and social care researchers, practitioners, policy makers and service users.

The benefits of such a network could include the bringing together of ideas, guidance and support to help deliver high quality HSR, and to better understand, explore and pursue partnership opportunities across sectors. 

In attending the workshop participants will have contributed and informed ongoing discussions about the future of a HSR network in Wales, and will be invited to further contribute to future discussions.