Plenary 3

Working with policymakers to get research and evidence used

07.10.2020, 14:00

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Professor Paul Cairney

Professor Steve Martin

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It is generally recognised – and has been for a long time – that the research community spends most of its time focused on research production, and much less on working out how to use research evidence to change policy and practice, let alone actually doing it. Some would ask how much we should really expect researchers to get engaged in the hurly burly of health and care systems to get research used productively to produce improvements. In this session, two academics with huge experience of working with policymakers and practitioners and across the research/practice community divide will share their experiences and ideas. Steve Martin, a leading academic and researcher on local government at Cardiff University, directs the Wales Centre for Public Policy and works closely with politicians and their advisors in Welsh Government. Paul Cairney, a professor of politics and public policy at the University of Stirling has studied how evidence is used in the policy process, the complex, iterative and subjective nature of policymaking, and what researchers can contribute.